Support at every step and in the long term

Looking after a building and its environmental impact means thinking about its long-term existence and anticipating actions which will help to sustain it.

Building life cycle

    Being part of the VINCI group, combined with our experience in managing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contracts, means that we have the ability to look at a building project as a whole, from its construction through to long-term maintenance. We can assist our clients from the design study phase onwards and during site supervision in order to propose solutions that perfectly suit their needs and are aimed at rational management of investment flows and durability of the installations.

    Being present at each step


    Our presence during the design study phase means that the facility management and maintenance dimensions of the building can be taken into account from day one. VINCI Facilities plays the role of consultant to propose efficient solutions, calculate overall maintenance costs and proceed accordingly, similar to a PPP.


    We supervise site variants and measure their impact on management: time spent on maintenance, accessibility of installations, durability of facility with respect to initial project, etc.


    We are present as consultants during the period preceding acceptance and during start-up of the building to carry out equipment tests, verification of energy management system failure points, etc.


    We develop and implement a long-term work and investment plan that we review throughout the duration of the contract by studying the positive or negative impact of each change to the installation, in order to opt for solutions that will enhance the value of the building.

    Respecting the regulations

    Because a lack of respect for regulations is a factor in a building becoming obsolete, we have set up a careful regulation monitoring system. We analyse all draft regulations relating to our activity and look for the best solutions to offer our clients, in order to anticipate updating to standards and optimise investments.

    Finding a balance between energy performance and maintenance costs

    VINCI Facilities proposes energy performance agreements based on technical solutions that will enable clients to save energy. In addition, it means that we can propose installations that will result in maintenance savings (labour costs, cost of spare parts, etc.).

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