Managing your Facility services

Facility ManagementFacility Management

You would like to devote your energies to your core business and ensure that your employees are happy in the workplace. Are you looking for a single operator who can take charge and optimise all or some of your operational support services? Do you also want the latest technical developments and regulations to be incorporated, particularly in terms of energy efficiency?


Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise and extensive network, VINCI Facilities provides long-term support with a bespoke facility management solution and one-stop accountability.

Facility Management

    Customised facilities management solutions.

    Each customer has a unique situation which requires bespoke solutions. Our experience and the variety of sites and sectors in which we are active mean that we can continually optimise our service solutions in the long-term by committing to an ongoing improvement process.

    You choose the scope of services you would like us to provide as part of a cooperative agreement in which our skills and know-how are organised to meet your expectations:

    • Technical Maintenance
    • Associated project work services
    • end user services
    • energy Management

    Your benefits: a model that is both attractive and efficient

    • optimisation of service costs related to buildings and their occupants
    • control of energy consumption
    • An appealing work environment and simplified logistics for your personnel
    • Increased value of your property assets.

    Our performance levers

    Key services provided in-house

    Nearly all our technical services are provided by our own teams while a limited amount of other services are outsourced. Our teams receive internal training and receive regular extra training.

    A double dimension: local and comprehensive

    Thanks to our local business units, our customers benefit from geographical proximity which boosts partnerships and improves response times. They’re organised into a network across 18 countries in Europe and Morocco to meet the demands of multi-location and multi-country services.

    Facility management and one-stop customer accountability

    As a service integrator that provides a global solution, we guarantee a single accountable service provider with a deep seated sense of accountability. Our IT tools are designed for management coherency and generate modular reporting, from a single location to comprehensive multi-location reporting.

    The capacity to optimise and provide long-term support

    Our customised approach provides the flexibility needed to go from a partially integrated model to a fully integrated model at the pace that suits you best. Our experience with numerous customers and our network of companies stimulates the pooling of best practices and the optimisation of processes and economic models.

    Ongoing innovation

    Our model, which puts the emphasis on autonomy and accountability, encourages innovation in the field.

    Whether simple or complex, these locally-identified innovations are then used on a wider scale thanks to a support team that helps business units to develop or stimulate innovation. Professional tools, targeted service solutions and operational efficiency are enhanced and disseminated.