Everyday innovation that opens up new vistas

Our many years of experience at your side have shown that innovation is a vital part of optimal facility management. We offer the latest developments in our field and you benefit from the performance of a customer portfolio that is both broad and varied. In a constant quest for improvement, we seek to develop innovation within our teams.


    Proposing solutions that anticipate developments of the field

    On a day-to-day level, innovation requires a thorough understanding of our customers' needs. By placing customers and their search for efficiency at the heart of our attention, we encourage dialogue between our customer and VINCI Facilities as a whole.

    Because we are part of the VINCI group, we can go beyond the boundaries of our own particular field and develop innovative, comprehensive solutions in collaboration with VINCI Construction and within VINCI Energies, which are related to the building life cycle, the connected building and its environmental impacts.

    Designing high-performance professional tools

    Meeting the requirements of our profession thanks to dedicated tools

    Every day, a dedicated team strives to improve VINCI Facilities’ IT tools (CMMS, customer portal, mobility tools, etc.).

    Thus you will benefit from:

    • Rapid take-over of new sites while benefiting from continuity of service.
    • On-site servicing as quickly as possible by our closest technician with the skills required to do the job.
    • Real time monitoring of servicing requests and their resolution.
    • Comprehensive reporting for each site or multi-location according to the geographical areas required to best suit your organisation.

    A customer service portal and reporting tool

    Our web services platform provides VINCI Facilities’ customers and facility occupants with access to a broad range of services and allows them to share data from any computer connected to the internet in order to request repairs. Standardised or bespoke monthly activity reports are published on request via the portal.

    CMMS tool to monitor your installations and schedule servicing

    CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) means that we can provide detailed monitoring of our customers’ installations, schedule preventive and regulation maintenance and incorporate corrective action.

    Encouraging innovation in the field

    Collective innovation

    Stimulating innovation in the field which corresponds exactly to our needs and sharing our know-how and best practices are the basics of our business unit network. The think tanks and clubs that we set up provide us all with venues for reflection, action and progress and enhance the performance of our solutions on the market. They consist of staff from the Group’s various Business Units.

    The VINCI Innovation Award: ongoing improvement supported by our staff

    VINCI develops its innovation potential by encouraging concrete initiatives in the field on the part of its business units and teams. Open to all employees, the VINCI Innovation Award rewards all tried and tested innovations that nourish the Group’s progress objective, not only from a technological viewpoint but also in terms of safety, sustainable development and working conditions.

    Thanks to the efforts of our employees, all the innovations submitted for the Innovation Award today form a pool of solutions to meet problems encountered in the field in various domains: on-site communication, safety, methods, etc.

    5300 employees participated in the last VINCI Innovation Award.

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