BIM FM, the essential tool of tomorrow's FM


The digital model, also called BIM (Building Information Modelling), is already widely used by builders to improve performance on building projects (constructability, synthesis and planning).

    Today, the question of the use of BIM in exploitation begins to arise because new operations are delivered to the operator with this device.

    VINCI Facilities has started a pilot project on this subject to examine the functions of BIM that could be used in the operating phase and the improvements in performance that are produced by it.

    Among the approaches being studied are: recuperating the construction data directly into the CAMM (computer-aided maintenance management) in order to optimise the hand-over phase; using the functional links of the networks in the building (heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as plumbing) in order to make dealing with interventions easier; and providing faster and more direct access to the factors that are relevant to the completed work file in maintenance and renewal operations, etc. 

    BIM potentially has many other possibilities that are still to be explored. In the future, this tool will certainly be at the heart of our various businesses and help to improve our performance.