Network of bank branches

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Through its mobile teams, VINCI Facilities has developed the expertise to carry out the technical management and maintenance of HVAC, plumbing and electrical installations, for a network of bank branches spread throughout Belgium. Renovations of complete plants and even small improvement jobs are performed by these teams.

Network of bank branches

    The organisational model of VINCI Facilities is ideal for the organisation of the technical management of a large number of buildings. In fact, thanks to its regional structure, VINCI Facilities is close to local customers. And at the same time, on strategic and tactical levels, VINCI Facilities is close to the central management of its customers.

    For this type of activity the regional organisation is supported and guided cross-functionally in order to ensure compliance with all the specific requirements of cooperation. Certainly this is not just the case at operational level, but also in terms of SLA monitoring, communication and reporting on different levels.

    More specifically, a representative of VINCI Facilities is designated as the contact for the customer; he represents all regional managers. Each regional office is responsible for compliance with the customer contractual agreement for the branches located within its region. The technical management, the preventive maintenance, the effectiveness of interventions and the knowledge of the buildings is secured through a high degree of loyal technicians. This way, VINCI Facilities ensures the continuity of the effectiveness of the agreement.

    Our technicians are qualified for the tasks they serve and are equipped with the necessary tools to perform their function.